5-Year 5-Star

Jul. 292022

5-Year 5-Star Workmanship Warranty:

James & Whitney Co.’s roofing jobs are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty and our very own 5-Year 5-Star Workmanship Warranty. Our 5-year warranty covers shingle blowoffs, leaks in roofing systems that we install, and leaks from accessories we use on the roof (such as chimney flashing, roof boots, etc.). This warranty also guarantees, no nails end up in your car tires, or else we cover the repair costs!

We all know that Maine weather can be extremely tough on homes. From heavy winds, extreme temperature swings throughout the year, ice storms, and nor’easters, roofs have to put up with a lot.
Our 5-Year 5-Star Workmanship Warranty guarantees that James & Whitney Co. will be here to support you long after your roof installation is complete. 

Aug. 152023
[Chelsea, Maine] It is with great pride that James & Whitney Co. shares being recognized as a 2023 Best Place to Work in Maine. Receiving this distinction is based on extensive research conducted by the Maine program of the national...
Aug. 122022
What is sheathing? Sheathing- a layer of OSB (oriented strand board) or plywood fastened to the joists and trusses on a roof. Sheathing provides a solid and continuous surface for the shingles or metal roofing to be securely attached to....
Aug. 92022
Roofs are comprised of many components that contribute to their strength and durability. One critical component of a strong roof is something called flashing, which you may or may not be familiar with. The following is a brief guide on...